Welcome to Phantasy Staircase Education.


Our purpose is to provide a service that implements creative methods, such as Storytelling and Dramatics, that can be used to help solve problems within a business, recreational, or educational facility.

Lucia L. Luckett-Kelly, the founder and owner of Phantasy Staircase Education, has been involved in the theatrical arts for many years. She has a MAT in Elementary Education, a BA in Behavioral Sciences, and an AA in Liberal Arts. She has been teaching students of all ages and backgrounds for over 30 years and has been performing for even longer.


She is an active member of the ITA (Illinois Theatre Association) and the NSN (National Storytelling Network).


She has made appearances at schools, park districts, libraries, churches, museums, and art festivals.

To preview some of these appearances, click here.

Currently, Mrs. Luckett-Kelly is working for North Shore Dance & Theater, Ltd., a non-profit fine arts organization located in Glenview, IL that specializes in children's theater and dance for all ages. 

The primary goals of Phantasy Staircase Education are:


  • To connect people from all walks of life and emphasize the importance of creative diversity

  • To stir and grow imaginations in people of all ages

  • To offer creative problem solving techniques via Storytelling and Creative Dramatics

  • To share the rhythm of many literary styles that span all ages and cultures from around the world

Whether it's a scouting event, school assembly, or a corporate team building seminar, Lucia L. Luckett-Kelly will bring her storytelling and dramatic talents to you.


Phantasy Staircase Education offers a variety of programs for a diverse clientele, such as:


Dramatic Presentations 
Story / Drama Workshops 
Boy & Girl Scout Programs 
Classroom Programs 
Business Events 
Artist in Residency Programs

A variety of Narrative and Folktale Genres,

including but not limited to:

  • Animal Tales

  • Trickster Tales

  • Wisdom Tales

  • Pourquoi Stories

  • Circular Stories

  • Chain Stories

  • Folk, Fairy & Fable Stories

Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.