From Parents and Fellow Educators:

“Lucia Luckett-Kelly proved that she had the ability to influence children’s development and learning in a positive way.  She always provided multimodal instruction to accommodate a variety of learning styles. She consistently exhibited the ability to manage disruptive behavior constructively."

Nancy Cohn, Kindergarten teacher


"I was very fortunate to work with Lucia for a few years, when we both worked in the same elementary school in the Chicago area. She was not only an amazing co-worker who excelled at what she did, but she is also a wonderful individual that I truly consider a part of my own family. Lucia has a very unique way to teaching her students and instilling interest, curiosity, and passion. She is a true gem and I can't wait to see her touch even more lives for many years to come!"
Stephanie Olson, High School French Teacher

“Lucia has a remarkable way of instilling discipline and imagination at the very same time.  Children bring out their best for her.  At the same time, she kindles that fire in kids – that excitement for trying things they’ve never tried before.  She inspires them to put their heart and spirit into what they do in class, and they carry that with them when they set out on their other journeys."
Jeff Oremland, Preschool parent

“Lucia consistently exhibited an enthusiastic and fun personality in class. She was a creative thinker and could rewrite lessons to accommodate different needs in her classroom."

Kristin Samojedny, Kindergarten teacher

"I have had the honor of working with Lucia as an educator at the middle school level. She was always the consummate professional and inspirational teacher. I have also had many opportunities to see her presentations in a variety of other settings. She was caring, compassionate and patient in working with children as well as adults. Whether her students were performing or she was on stage it was always a delightful experience."

Willie Shaw, Friend and Colleague

From Former Students:

"I wouldn't be the person I am today without Lucia. Her passion is contagious and it's about time people recognize the impact she has on her students. If there is one thing she has taught me, it is to never give up on dreams."


"Her class was very, very, very fun."

"Mrs. Kelly was good at keeping everyone on track."

"She inspired us to try things that I've never tried before."